Xbox and Playstation get a smelly addition.

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So there is something smelly in the air, and it isn’t that old plate of lasagne you forgot underneath your bed. Okay, maybe it is. You should really throw that out! But in other news, The Ministry of Defence is reportedly part-funding a project in which technology developed can mimic the stench of battlefields on Xbox and Playstation games.

The way it works is that compressed air would pump out smells from pots of wax and console makers such as Xbox could use it in Call of Duty. Okay, I have to stop myself right here. Because think about it for a second. Sixaxis? Awesome technology. Rumble? Awesome technology? Wireless controllers? Awesome technology? Having your room smell like dead soldiers? Not so much.

Just think about it a little bit more. Is it even a feasible piece of technology to have? What about all the questions surrounding it? I can think of a few simply off the top of my head, like:

Does the smell remain after you’ve stopped playing?

Does it have an extractor fan in it, to remove the current smell as you change locations so that it can make way for a new smell?

Do you have to replace the pots? And if you do, how often?

Well, some of the smells (if you wanted them) that you would be able to smell during your gaming session would include: cordite, diesel fumes and burning rubber. Burnt Rubber is really not a smell I want filling up my room. Petrol? Yes, maybe. But that’s for other reasons apart from playing games…when did that clown come into my room and start making toast?

Well, if you think your gaming experience would be enhanced through being able to smell the soldier in front of you fart, then keep your eyes (and nose) open for the addition of what I’m labelling the Smell-O-Matic (thank you The Simpsons for that one) sometime in the future.

I am totally unsure when this is even supposed to come out (they say like between 3 & 5 years), but to be honest, it isn’t something I’m looking forward to, so I don’t honestly care that much. If you’d like to know more about it though, check out the source:

Last Updated: May 22, 2009

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