Xbox Live a Haven for Paedophiles – It Happened Again

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Pee-Wee Just last week we reported on a grown man that used Xbox live to befriend, and then rape a minor. In a case of social networking déjà vu, it’s happened again – Edward Stout, a 27-year-old Missouri man stands accused of having unlawful sexual congress with a Californian teenage girl – 12 years his junior.

He is currently in the Fresno county jail, where he faces numerous federal and state charges, including coercion of a minor, lewd conduct with a minor, and being a scumbag*.

According to a 13 page criminal affidavit, Stout met the teen last March while playing video games with the girl’s brother over Xbox Live. In December last year, Stout sent the girl a cellphone so the pair could talk and exchange sexually explicit photos. In January of this year, the deviant crossed state lines, culminating in a hotel-bound sexual tryst this past Wednesday.

Once again, the stark lack of parenting is apparent – Whilst the girl’s father knew of her relationship with Stout he wasn’t concerned – “because he was aware that Stout resided in Missouri and therefore did not consider [him] a threat to the physical safety of his daughter.”

With all the sexual predation happening on Xbox Live, I’m starting to wonder if maybe Nintendo had it right with their awkward friend codes.

*Unfortunately, this isn’t a felony – neither a state or federal.

Source : Fresnobee, via Kotaku.

Last Updated: February 4, 2009

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