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Xbox Live migration tool now live

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Maybe you were one of the many gamers suckered in to migrating to South African Xbox Live, only to find that government interference meant that you were left using a bare-bones service without much in the way of content. Are you tired of not being able to download the games you want? Help is at hand.

Microsoft has finally launched that user migration tool (thanks, Joystiq), allowing Xbox Live users to switch regions. Yes, you can finally go back to using a US or UK based XBox live account, without losing your account, achievements or remaining Xbox Live gold subscription.

It’s a pretty painless operation; all you have to do head over to the migration page and click a few times, and you’ll be magically transported to a much larger, more feature-packed walled garden.

According to the page, here’s what moves along with you:

    1. Your gamerscore, unlocked achievements, and the rest of your Xbox LIVE profile
    2. Any Microsoft Points already in your account
    3. Any remaining time on your Gold membership

There are a few caveats, of course. Subscriptions to certain services, such as Xbox Music, won’t join you in your new region; most likely because of licencing issues. Any content not available in your new region will also no longer be available – so make sure you download everything you’ve purchased before doing the switch. you also won;t be able to make purchases using your credit card directly anymore; instead you’ll have to employ the services of places like Evopoints, where you can purchase subscription and points cards.  You can read more about migrating here.

The timing of the release of this tool must come as a bit of a blow to the new local Xbox PR manager Graeme Selvan, a bonafide gamer himself, who I know has been working tirelessly to resolve the issue of missing Xbox Live content and has made genuine headway. He assures me (and I believe him) that the issue will be sorted within a month – which is, unfortunately, a month too late for many gamers.

The migration tool allows you to change regions once every three months – so maybe, just maybe if content does start showing up on the local Xbox Live Market place, we can show our support by switching back to ZA later down the line.

Last Updated: January 17, 2013

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