Xbox LIVE Video Store Coming to Europe on December 11

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So the expected European Video Market place release has been confirmed. If you live in either France, Germany, Ireland or the UK you will be able to download and watch some decent movies starting from the 11th of December.

Hopefully since Germany is allowed to watch them as well we won’t be excluded again… I wouldn’t rate our chances though since we are not even allowed to download the original xbox 1 titles… Who cares about the 2500 active Xbox live gamers in South Africa anyway.

Anyway nothing to great but I wouldn’t mind watching the Looney Tunes movie, especially for only 250 points… 380 if you want the High Def version.

All the details follow through the jump

AceyBongos’ Xbox Life: Xbox LIVE Video Store Coming to France, Germany, Ireland and UK on December 11!

[Thanks to Doobiwan for the tip]

Last Updated: December 4, 2007

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