Xbox Live was attacked?

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It was quite widely reported that the Xbox Live service suffered some lengthy downtime throughout the Christmas period.

This was put down to the huge influx of new users as well as the existing users going on leave and playing games instead of going to the beach.

However it is now rumoured that it may have been a denial of service attack. Basically a D.O.S is when a large number of computers suddenly and continuously start requesting information from a service. This is normally carried out by normal users machines who had had root kits Trojans installed unknowingly on their machine.

So was this the work of some script kiddie or possibly a competitor? Well personally I highly doubt a competitor would stoop that low but being attacked does make more sense to me than just not being prepared.

This is the biggest software company in the world, how could they not expect only 17 million hits?

Recent Xbox Live Issues May Be Result of Attack : Primotech

Last Updated: January 4, 2008

Gavin Mannion

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