Xbox makes a profit.. again…

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So Microsoft has released their latest profits and you can only stand in awe at the amount of money that Microsoft makes…

Microsoft Office as a software suite alone brought in $4.7 billion in revenue in ONE quarter…. Granted that’s not profit but that’s a big number. The other software side brought in $4.0 billion in the quarter and suprisingly the Xbox side brought in $1.6 billion… So we are looking at around $10 billion a quarter, that’s $40 billion a year… that’s insane…

Anyway more importantly the article goes on to throw it’s name out of the water with the following bizarre comments..

“It has Sony‘s PlayStation 3 on the ropes in the United States”


“Moreover, the online gaming service Microsoft has built around the console promises to reshape the game business as Nintendo and Sony scramble to counter it”

So that would be the Sony PS3 that has outsold the Xbox 360 for the past 3 months and the Nintendo Wii which has outsold the 360 since it’s very first day on the market…

Now to give them some credit the 360 is still the top selling next-gen console in the States but the Wii is just about to overtake it in total sales and it’s more like the 360 that is currently on the ropes…

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Last Updated: April 25, 2008

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • RossIRSA

    I Guess is full of 360 fanboys

  • LazySAGamer

    OR is an American website and company and are reporting from a purely American point of view..

    I highly doubt that anyone in Forbes is a fanboy of anything except accounting…

  • Naudran

    Yanks… 😀

  • JP

    Um. Nintendo’s online service is atrocious.

  • Yesssss….

    Nintendo posted a record profit of $2.5billion.

    Whilst MS..

    “Revenues for E&DD were $1.58 billilon.”

    E&DD = “Operating income for the division, which includes Xbox, PC games and the Zune media player, was $89 million”

    So… Nintendo’s PROFIT was more than MS’s TOTAL INCOME for it’s Entertainment and Devices Division.


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  • Your point? A profit is a profit. On the other hand go ask your mates at Sony just how much the PS3 is contributing to their bottom line …

  • PaasHaas

    Unlike the other companies the PS3 is helping sony in more than just their gaming devision.

  • LazySAGamer

    Lets not forget that the Xbox 360 is also helping Microsoft get into people’s living rooms as well.

    It is also now offering downloadable movies and all that nonsense as well

  • PaasHaas

    Microsoft does however not sell all the equipment needed for HD gaming (360 is helping here aswell) and does not own multiple movie studios combined with the PS3 helping blu-ray to victory ( ie royalties )

    Sony doesnt need to be making as much money from the PS3 and its game sales alone

  • Microsoft has never wanted to “own everything”, if you listen to their corporate message they always position themselves as a “platform company” which is why they make such a big deal about third parties in comparisons to the other two consoles.

  • PaasHaas

    And that fits into this discussion how doobi?

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