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Xbox marketing managers possibly jumping ship

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Please say it isn't so

If you’ve been interested in the gaming industry since the beginning of this generation then the name Trixie 360 should ring some bells. It’s the alias given to Christa Phillips (now Carter) and she used to be the Xbox Live Community Manager at Microsoft.

However she long since left Microsoft but earlier this morning she sent out this tweet which has sent shockwaves through the Microsoft and gaming industry.


She followed up pretty quickly to clarify that she has no insider knowledge and just knows this because she is LinkedIn colleagues with a lot of these people. She then tweeted that she can see that the Microsoft and marketing people are inspecting her LinkedIn profiles with visits from Major Nelson, John Lowe (Executive Producer on Xbox Live) and Eric Doty (Xbox Community Strategist).

It could be total nonsense but with the amount of activity she is noting on her LinkedIn profile and the amount of legs this received from Neogaf leads me to wonder if there is something they know and the marketing guru’s are jumping ship before they have a failed launch on their resume.

Add this to the recent news that the Xbox One will be practically useless without it’s massive day one update and things are starting to look massively worrying for Microsoft and the Xbox One.

I know some PlayStation fans are drooling over these latest revelations but in reality this is not good news for the gaming industry as a whole. The Wii-U has definitely failed to bring a viable competitor to the market and if the PlayStation 4 tramples the Xbox One we are going to be left with a single dominant player which is a terrible idea for the industry.

Last Updated: November 12, 2013