Xbox on PC won’t be like Games for Windows Live

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Games for Windows Live was an attempt to bring a console-like interface to PCs in a wayward, misguided attempt to unify the systems. It was nothing short of a disaster; a hobbled and broken layer of DRM that failed to understand and cater to PC gamers wants and needs. By those who even remember it, it’s looked upon with the same sort of derision as other systems like Ubisoft’s uPlay and EA’s Origin. Microsoft is bringing Xbox Live to Windows PC’s again in Windows 10. And it’s trying to not make the same mistakes.

Microsoft will be one of the key players at the inaugural PC gaming E3 conference, and they want to assure PC gamers that this time…this time, admit, they have PC gamers’ interests at heart.

“This time around, though, things will be different because the Xbox and Windows gaming sides are tied together “as one connected ecosystem,”  Microsoft’s Xbox head Phil Spencer said in an interview with PC Gamer.

“Our vision is to unify platforms so gamers can play the games they want on any Windows 10 device—PC, Xbox One, or otherwise,” Spencer said. “That can come in the form of game streaming to a Windows 10 PC from Xbox One or simultaneously shipping games on both platforms.”

Xbox One games are more likely to be ported to PC, though the company will also invest in PC-specific games. (Please, Age of Empires. Please).

“While we want to break down the walls between platforms, we also know that certain games are optimized for certain devices.”

That said, the platforms are certainly converging a little.

“We want to make clear that when we talk about Xbox going forward, we’re talking about gaming on all Windows 10 devices—PCs, tablets, phones, Xbox One, and HoloLens- And we’ll talk about some of the games we have coming to the PC this year.”

And honestly? I hope it works out. I like Spencer’s general direction (I think he’s helped turn the Xbox One’s image around quite nicely) and think this could actually be a boon for PC gaming. He’s also realistic about it all – realising that it won’t ever really compete with Steam.

“Steam is very much a gamer’s store, but I think our Windows Store will start off with a diversity of content like the App Store or Google Play. I think there are enough gaming customers to go round, and I don’t expect anybody’s going to delete their Steam account when they buy a game in the Windows Store and vice versa.”

Besides, anything’s better than Games for Windows Live.

Last Updated: June 5, 2015

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