Xbox price cut fails in Europe – Should Microsoft panic?

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imageSo Microsoft recently slashed the price of the Xbox 360 in Europe and in South Africa to help alleviate flagging sales.

The PS3 has recently been beating the 360 in all European territories except the UK and this cut was planned to overturn that and to propel the 360 into the minds of all gamers just in time for GTA IV…

But has it worked.

Well apparently not, the first true post price cut sales are in and Microsoft will be crying.

Lets get to the numbers

Wii  – 113,921
PS3 –  74,638
360 –  68,542

So not only has the 360 not received a huge increase it sales, it hasn’t even received enough to overtake the PS3 and the Wii is now outselling it 2:1….

In fact the only territories where the 360 outsells the PS3 is in the UK, Australia and here. Everywhere else it pretty much comes dead last.

So is this the time for Microsoft to start panicking. If they can’t even overtake the PS3 with a huge price cut what is going to happen when the PS3 finally gets its big titles released? | European Weekly Chart

Last Updated: March 26, 2008

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