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Xbox Series X and Series S consoles might be a day or two late locally

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Can’t decide which Xbox Series console to choose tomorrow? Well here’s some good news, because you’ll have a chance to buy an Xbox None depending on the retailer you were signed up with. Wait that’s bad news. Anyway, there may be a slight delay on when stock will be available, but it is coming. Distributor Prima Interactive says that due to some unforeseen logistical challenges, some stores in South Africa may receive their stock of the new Xbox Series X and Series S on Launch Day or possibly a day late.

“Prima Interactive advises that all the stock has been shipped to stores. There are always embargos on release of products like this with a World Wide release date. There is a very small window to get the stock out to stores, and sometimes despite the best plans, delays occur. We can confirm that all pre-orders will be met and your Xbox has been shipped to the store you ordered it from. If you haven’t received notification that it’s ready for collection or been shipped, please check with the store you ordered at for an update.”

It might take a day or two longer to go into next-gen, but rest assured, it’ll be worth it when the console does arrive.

Last Updated: November 9, 2020

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