Xperia Play owners will have to repurchase PSOne classics

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You’re a big Playstation fan. You own a PSP and a PS3, and as such, you’ve purchased a library of PSOne classics that you’ll no doubt be able to play on your soon-to-be acquired Xperia Play, right?

Well, no.

Unfortunately, the Xperia store – where you’ll be buying digital content for your phone – isn’t integrated with the PSN at all, meaning you’ll have you re-buy games you already own. "[Xperia Play owners] will have to re-purchase the games, so it’s not totally integrated," said Sony Ericsson UK managing director Nathan Vautier. "I think the exciting thing is that there are games which people are very, very aware of."

This is a bit of a misstep from Sony, if not an unexpected one. It would have been really welcomed among fans of the brand if previously purchased content carried through. As some sort of consolation, the phone will ship with quite a far bit of preinstalled gaming content, including Naughty Dog’s PSOne classic, Crash Bandicoot.

Source : Gamespot

Last Updated: February 15, 2011

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