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Yes, people are cheating at Pokémon X&Y

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I don’t know why it is people insist on cheating in online games and ruining it for everybody else, but it’s a thing that’s most certainly quite prevalent. Just about any online, competitive multiplayer game is subject to cheaters – even 3D ones like Pokémon X&Y. How in the hell are people cheating in 3DS games?

It seems some clever, but unscrupulous people have found a way of intercepting the data that’s transmitted over the internet between two battling Pokemon trainers, taking out the fun of actually battling people on the internet.


Pokémon Battle Analyser is an app you run on your PC, which you then use as your Wi-Fi hotspot for your 3DS. It lets you see Nature, Ability, IVs, EVs, and move sets of the critters you’re fighting against, along with whatever moves your opponent choses to make, allowing you to react accordingly.

If you’ve been finding yourself lose more battles than win – despite having what you think are winning strategies, this might be the reason why. It would be such an easy thing to fix, too – all GameFreak needs to do is encrypt the data and issue a patch.

Last Updated: November 28, 2013

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