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Yet another review scandal hits the industry

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It’s an open secret that there are a few media outlets out there who have no issue with accepting money for higher review scores or even worse, giving high review scores in an idiotic attempt to secure extra advertising from companies.

But today a new review scandal has hit and this one is less evil but still pretty immoral.

According to a tweet from @Talissma review sites out there are asking for cash to expedite a review, not to guarantee a good score but rather to push it to the front of the queue.

Apparently this is becoming a big problem in the mobile app world where every Tom, Dick and Harry has a mobile app that they want reviewed and time is limited for all reviewers so who do you review first?

We get the same problem here on a smaller scale but sometimes it just isn’t possible to review all the titles we receive in a timely manner. Our solution, though it is far from perfect, is to cherry pick what we feel you the readers would prefer to read about.

Some people in the twitter feed don’t think this pay for a speedy review is a bad thing as it doesn’t interfere with the editorial process however I can’t agree with that. Once you have received money in direct relation to a review you are no longer independent.

But what do you think, is it a terrible idea or just another way to monetise your business?

Last Updated: January 10, 2013

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