Yoshi’s Woolly World might be the prettiest game of the year

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I adore platformers. Although the once dominant genre has given way to more “serious” games, Nintendo still manages to churn out a health amount of running and jumping goodness – sating my craving now that I have a Wii U. And it’s a good thing too, because now I have the chance to play some of the most gorgeous games that will launch this year.

Games like Yoshi’s Woolly World (not Croc, Geoff assured me), which take the idea of hand-knitted visuals and expand them in ways you wouldn’t even believe. The 2.5D platformer which is set for launch later next month looks stunning – with a palette full of colours that could put a handful of shooters to absolute shame. It also looks incredibly fun too.

And as much as it is easy to label this a child’s game (I have no doubt that kids will adore this), I must admit that it looks fairly complex. There’s a lot going on at any given time – with Yoshi having to fire balls or yarn while floating in mid – air and planning new jumping paths. Nevermind that it’s all happening extremely quickly too.

It’s looking like the perfect type of Nintendo game, and a welcome change from the serious nature of most AAA launches over the past few months. Sometimes, you need to have only the fun half of the cake – with all the multicoloured icing it comes frosted with.

Last Updated: May 26, 2015

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