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You can blame nature for the terrifying monsters of Evolve

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While Evolve may be the kind of game where everyone has a specific role to play, you can bet your Kaiju DVDs that playing as the monster is going to be a key factor here when it comes to selling those games. Those monsters are massive, terrifying and present a proper challenge. And they’re also bloody terrifying.

The first monster shown earlier this year for Evolve was the Goliath. Built like a rugby player, it’s a creature that has pure hate for blood and the cunning of a 4Chan troll. During the design phase for that beast, developer Turtle Rock looked at classic monster movies in order to breathe life into their big G. “With Goliath, we went for classic,” creative director Phil Robb said to Shack News.

The first monster is everything you expect from a giant monster, it should do everything you would want to do: throw giant rocks, breathe fire, jump huge distances, climb up walls. All that stuff. So we looked at Godzilla and King Kong, those two particular monsters were a huge inspiration for Goliath.

At E3 however, fans were asked “what’s Kraken” when a new beast was introduced. “With Kraken it gets a little more obscure. A lot of people have compared him to Cthulu, but we also looked at a lot of nature. We’re big fans of Sir David Attenborough,” Robb said.


I’ve got to tell you, man, nature comes up with more terrifying, fucked up shit than we could ever come up with. So deep down in the sea, where there’s giant squids – if you look at the way Kraken moves, it’s very much like a giant squid. It’s very much based on those creepy deep sea creatures.

I’m just thankful that the Kraken wasn’t inspired by a shelf full of Hentai movies.  Evolve is out soon on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Our Evolve expert Zoe is rather excited for the October release, as she has made demands that the entire LG crew get a copy of the game and engage in this odd idea that she calls “being social”.

Last Updated: June 24, 2014

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