You can build an Xbox One right now

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If you build it they will come

Because waiting until next year for an Xbox one is quite frankly for chumps. And chumpettes. Back at E3, Microsoft got flak for duping folks into believing that they were playing Xbox One games on the actual console, when it was a similar-specced PC all along. Still consoles rule in my opinion. And if you can’t beat them, why not join them?

One Chinese site is offering just such a hybrid solution, as they’re selling external Xbox One casings. Casings which you could throw some PC parts into, and pretend to have your own Xbox One.


It’s not clear yet if these are spare cases off of the assembly lines where the console is being put together, or really well fabricated duplicates, but hey it looks good to me. And here’s something else that will make the critics happy: None of these shells come with Kinect.

You’ll have to ask Miss Nancy Zeng for the price though. I’m not getting involved with a dodgy Chinese deal again. That’s the reason why Geoff has the film and television rights to my life story right now.

Last Updated: September 17, 2013

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