You can collect Jirachi for free this month in Pokémon

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Jirachi Pokemon

Look, your level 100 Nidoking may be hot stuff at the Elite Four, but you’d dump a thousand of them in a heartbeat if it meant acquiring that one Pokémon that has eluded you for far too long. While there may be over 700 Pokémon to collect as of the latest sixth generation of games in the series, doing so is easier said than done. There’s a reason why Pokémon games sell, and that’s because acquiring those mythical legendary pocket monsters requires you to keep up with the franchise and each subsequent release.

Either that, or jump into the Global Trade Station and wonder who in their right mind would trade a Kyogre for the many thousands of Bidoofs clogging up that service. This month, the hunt for the perfect Pokédex gets a little easier as the latest free download is none other than Jirachi:


A legend states that Jirachi will make true any wish that is written on notes attached to its head when it awakens. If this Pokémon senses danger, it will fight without awakening.

To acquire the April Pokémon is easy enough: Just connect your 3DS to the next, boot up a game of Pokémon X/Y/Alpha Sapphire/Omega Ruby and go to the Receive Gift option in your menu. The Nintendo Network will transfer the little Steel/Psychic-type over, presumably past a torrent of dodgy Rule 34 Gardevoir images and you can collect the legend from a delivery girl in your nearest Pokémon center. Easy!

Jirachi is the latest prize as part of the year-long 20 year anniversary celebration for the franchise. As for the rest of the year, you can expect to grab these guys every month to help fill up your collection through the net and at BT Games/GameStop:

  • Darkrai: May 1 – 24, 2016 at GameStop/BT Games
  • Manaphy: June 1 – 24, 2016 at Nintendo Network
  • Shaymin: July 1 – 24, 2016 at Nintendo Network
  • Arceus: August 1 – 24, 2016 at GameStop/BT Games
  • Victini: September 1 – 24, 2016 at Nintendo Network
  • Keldeo: October 1 – 24, 2016 at Nintendo Network
  • Genesect: November 1 – 24, 2016 at GameStop/BT Games
  • Meloetta: December 1 – 24, 2016 at Nintendo Network

Last Updated: April 4, 2016

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