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You can now grab pizza from your Xbox 360

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Pizza the Hutt

I’ve got to hand it to Microsoft, because they certainly do know how to ring every single last cent out of a product. The Xbox 360 already makes cash from Live subscriptions and advertisements, and now, it’s adding fast food to the coffers.

Provided that you’re in America of course. And that your stomach has an adamantium lining that is laced with a touch of vibranium, which would allow you to survive food from the McDonalds of pizza, Pizza Hut.

The Pizza Hut app will allow hungry hungry gamers to do away with that archaic Pizza Hut website and go straight to the menus to order themselves some pizza pie. And of course, the whole thing is better with Kinect. So if you don’t fancy using a controller, prepare to blissfully wiggle those arms and scream in vain at the screen.

When you’ve ordered some quick grub, the app will then save that data on your Xbox or PizzaHut.com account, and will also allow you to Facebook share your adventures in cholesterol.

And that’s how you make money kids. And dammit, I want a localised version of this anyway. I’m already hounding our local Xbox 360 reps to tell the dashboard monkeys here to put apps for KFC Zinger Wings and Guinness beer on the dashboard, but no dice. They ain’t budging.


What kind of fast food would you like to see appear on your Xbox home screen?

Last Updated: April 24, 2013

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