You can’t share your balls in FIFA 15 on PS4

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Demos may be deader than Geoff’s regular sleeping habits, but the closest thing we’ve got to trying and maybe buying a game comes in the form of PlayStation 4’s Share Play feature. Part of the suite of new features from system update 2.0, Share Play allowed gamers to invite a second pal over the magic of the interwebs, to share an hour of gaming. Most games support the rather nifty idea. Games that don’t rhyme with Schmifa that is.

According to GameSpot, efforts to set up some FIFA 15 Share Play have resulted in many tears, as the session to do so usually results in an error message being displayed that reads “Viewing the game screen that the host is currently playing is not allowed due to content restrictions in your country or region.”

Thus far, it seems that quite a few developers aren’t keen on Sony’s Share Play idea. The latest Call Of Duty has skipped that option as it could probably see its single-player mode completed in a few sessions for free, while Wolfenstein: The New Order and Thief have also nixed it.

As CVG noted last week, Share Play works for just about any PlayStation 4 game, but it’s up to developers to decide whether or not they want to activate it, as Sony detailed then that “Share Play is a system level feature enabled by System Software Update 2.0 making it available for all PS4 titles, however the option is available to developers to disable the feature according to what they feel will best benefit the consumer experience”

Of course, none of this matters locally, because thanks to upload speeds that are outpaced by the digital equivalent of an old lady on a mobility scooter, the service is useless to us people of the South.

Last Updated: November 17, 2014

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