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You could join us at the Halo 4 finals!

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Halo 4 SA SOON

Remember that Halo 4 tournament Xbox South Africa hosted last year? The one Geoff and Darryn really sucked at? Yes! That one, well we’ve been waiting to find out what those chaps at Xbox SA have up their sleeves for the finals but they just keep teasing. The first of their teasenings: a video remembering the fallen, with lots of cool cinematics in it and everything.

For those of you that need a little reminder of what the heck this is all about, the tournament was held online for clans (teams) as well as Lone Wolves (solo players). The turnout was pretty awesome; with so many entries I couldn’t even count them. Mostly because I suck at maths, but also because the numbers were too damn high! So all these guys played through to the semi’s with hopes of going to the finals, the finals will be held on… 9 February 2013! The date has been revealed in the video released and that’s about all we know. Other than the fact that you could stand a chance of attending the finals – which will include food and drinks, entertainment – and a host of other surprises from Microsoft.

Want in? Fill out the form you’ll find here. winners will be randomly selected and contacted via mail. As the finals will be hosted in Johannesburg, you’ll need your own transport to and from the event.  Entries close 6 February 2013.

For interest”s sake , these are the guys that have made it through:


  • Black Plasma
  • Hi5-AnTiGraVitY
  • Sick and Sinful
  • Cosca Contingent

Lone Wolf

  • Big Boss 2480
  • Dewwwwwwwwwwwwy
  • JSHARP72
  • niitewlf
  • PottyZA
  • RadicalGoofy
  • Shadow Vaaitjie
  • XtaZ Radical

And here is the video released! 

Last Updated: January 17, 2013

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