You could see Gran Turismo 7 before 2017

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Microsoft seems like they’re able to churn out quality Forza titles every year, alternating between their sim and their newer arcade racer, Horizon, each time. Sony’s competition, the much-loved Gran Tuismo has been going for far longer, and as far as number on the end of the games go, Forza’s already caught up. When might we see Gran Turismo 7? According to Polyphony Digital’s Kazunori Yamauchi, you may see it before the sun grows cold and our universe dies.

Polyphony are famed for taking their sweet time and with GT6 only having come out in December of 2013, it’s safe to say that number 7 will still be a while. IT seems that Yamauchi’s realised that people aren’t willing to wait forever though, and will happily move on to other things – things like Assetto Corsa and Project Cars – so sitting about resting on laurels or creating a bajillion digital versions of a Nissan Skyline isn’t going to do.

“People will not wait so much,” he told Italian games website Spazio Games. “We are talking about Gran Turismo… We must not wait so long.” He then suggested we’d see the game being released sometime before 2017.

In fact, I’d wager that we see something about the game at E3 this year. It’s weird. Gran Turismo, like FIFA, is one of those games people buy consoles for – something that I’ll never understand. Still, it’s a game Sony would rather have out sooner than later. The first “next gen” Gran Turismo would no doubt sell a lot of consoles.

Last Updated: June 10, 2015

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