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You got some Dark Souls in my ZombiU

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Regular readers would know that I’m already dead sold on Ubisoft’s WII U exclusive living dead focused survival horror. One of its more interesting mechanics is that once you die, the character you were playing as becomes a zombie – and you’ll have to reclaim your loot from its mangled corpse as the new player you spawn as. Ubisoft’s now revealed it’s taking it a step further – by adding a ball-busting difficulty mode that’ll make Dark Souls players squeal with glee.

The game’s getting a hardcore survival mode – that’ll give you just one life. No respawns, no life lines, no second chances. To make it even remotely possible, the game will implement a Dead souls inspired hint system, where other players are able to leave helpful hints (such as “There’s an ammo cache around the corner to your right); red herrings (such as The next room is completely free of zombies) or inane, unhelpful rubbish (lolololo u r gonna die, noob lol DAFUQ). Naturally, you’ll use the system’s tablet controller to scan for and find these messages.

I’m not quite sure I have the balls to play through the game like that, as I’ve already pulled out most of my hair playing through Dark Souls – but if you though the Wii U’s most hardcore game just wasn’t hardcore enough, this could change your mind.

Last Updated: August 28, 2012

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