Your choices make or break Dragon Age: Inquisition

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DAI war table

As children, so many of us hate the word “consequences” – probably because parents only talk about them when it refers to us doing something wrong and facing up to what happens next. Why then do choices and consequences makes us so happy in games? I suppose because we like to imagine that if we just do things right, everything will be okay.

Everything you do in Dragon Age: Inquisition can have consequences – from the race of your character to choices you make in conversations or at the war table, it all will have an impact on your story. As the trailer below points out, a new ally can also lead to the creation of a new enemy.

Did you guys spot Hawke at 1:42? How about Merril? I’m glad some of the old characters will be coming back, although I won’t be happy to see all of them. I’m sure my old Grey Warden will also appear. You know, just to say hi and add continuity to the game.

Bioware has promised a whole lot more choice in this game. They even claim that the old dialogue wheel has been changed so that it’s not just a good or bad choice. I’m sure the charm abilities will still play a role, though, with unique choices popping up if you’re cool enough. Those are usually the dialogue options I go for anyway.

Do you still believe in choice in these games? Or were you just too busy watching gameplay to really care what they were talking about in the voice over?

Last Updated: November 5, 2014

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