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Basshunter dota

Alright, so the people have voted, and by people, I mean all of you. Now, I know that not all of you have all the games voted on installed at any given time, so I’m giving you some lead time so that you can download and prepare yourselves.

It was a close vote. Planetside 2 managed 17 votes, Team Fortress 2 garnered 19 votes and our runner up of L4D2 grabbed 22 votes. This means that our winner with 26 votes was… Dota 2.

Now, before you all groan and disappear, let me say this: most of the awful reputation Dota 2 has is based on the players. People are evil to each other in this game, yelling at their teammates and opponents alike. However, we of the lazygamer community aren’t like that. Right? We are happy to just play the game, get experience, figure things out and have a good time. So, I want to see some good clean fights, plenty of laughter and helping each other out. I know a lot of people in our community don’t play Dota 2, or at least don’t play regularly. Let this be an opportunity for the more experienced players to let loose, help their fellow gamers, and just have a good time playing n00b Dota.

Also, you are all required to be singing this in your heads throughout the gameplay sessions.

Community play night kicks off on Friday at 7pm. I’m not sure which of the guys will be free to play, but I might try to drop in on a game or two. Remember, Dota is 5v5, so be prepared to be a smaller group of community members.

Last Updated: May 28, 2014

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