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Your first look at the new Gears of War…deconstructed

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Microsoft’s new studio Black Tusk was yanked away from whatever it was they were doing to focus on creating a next gen Gears of War exclusively for the company’s new Xbox One. We know very little about the game, other than it’ll be a new Gears game, and that former Epic producer Rod Fergusson would be in charge. In a Twitch livestream on the game’s development, Fergusson gave the world its very first look at the new Gears of War- and it reveals a great deal about the future of the series.

Here it is. the moment Gears of War fans have been waiting for. I’m going to add it to a content toggle though, because of the possibility of spoilers.

Here you go.


As we did with the Far Cry 4 cover art, we’re going to break the image down and see what details we can gleam from the picture.


If we take a look at the bottom left corner of the picture, we can see quite clearly  the illuminati’s favoured Eye of Horus atop a pyramid, suggesting that the game may feature a plot involving government conspiracies. CONFIRMED.


A cursory glance at the right of the image shows what appears to be a finger, which we believe to be symbolic of Black tusk giving the finger to Gears of War’s past as they carve a new future for the series.


The game features mountains. Far Cry 4 is set in the Himalayas. Coincidence? I think not. Gears of War and Far Cry crossover confirmed.


The clouds next to the mountain are in the shape of a rabbit’s head, suggesting that the Ubisoft partnership is set to continue. This CONFIRMS that the  game’s main antagonist this time will not be Locust, but those raving Rabbids.


Rod Fergusson is married, which means he knows women and this game, instead of being focused at “bros” will push a feminist agenda. Gears of War is going to be inclusive and feature a female protagonist who’s both tough and lovable and is aided by a racially and sexually diverse cast of characters. CONFIRMED.


Rod is going grey. This tells us that the game will follow the natural order of time and won’t, as many have guessed, be another prequel like Gears of War Judgment. We can CONFIRM that Gears of War on the Xbox One will take place after the events of Gears of War 3.


The extended pinky finger suggests tea-drinking like a British ponce, much like the royals, confirming that queen Myrrah is still alive and involved in the game, probably controlling the Rabbid hordes.


Two sections of the TV are cut off in the picture. This confirms  the game will not run at 1080p and will have a very low frame-rate.


Lastly, the magazine in the corner seems to have Gabe Newell on the cover. Half Life 3 confirmed.

That’s it! Got anything we’ve missed?

Last Updated: May 16, 2014

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