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Your guide to local game distributors and social media

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Here at Lazygamer we’re all about community. It’s all about you guys, the readers. We are – as some of you know, pretty active on social media – particularly Twitter, and probably not quite as active of Facebook as we should be. Did you know though, that most of the guys who bring you new games every week are also active and that they’d like to interface with you, the people who buy their games? Whether on Facebook or Twitter, each distributor has a presence and can be a good source of information that’s beyond our scope. That, and they run some pretty sweet competitions sometimes.

That, and they’re fun to bug when stuff doesn’t work.

Here’s your guide to the local distributors and their social media presence – complete with their numbers of fans and followers to make it interesting.

  • Apex Interactive


    These are the guys that are mostly responsible for the budget gaming stuff you see when you walk in to a store. Though known for more casual fare like the excellent retail version of PopCap games and those hidden object , they’ve also got some major publishes in their line-up, like 505 Games – who brings you Majesco’s titles, Zumba fitness, Sniper Elite V2 and IL2 Sturmovik.

    Facebook – 285 Fans. Twitter – 185 Followers.


  • EA South Africa


    They’re the local branch of Electronics Arts – what’s more to say? Of course they’re responsible for bringing in favourites like Need for Speed, Mass Effect, FIFA, Battlefield and Tiger Woods – at a cheaper price because there’re fewer middle men.

    Facebook – 5007 Fans. Twitter – 1686 Followers.


  • Megarom Interactive

    Quite probably the country’s largest distributor of third party titles, the list of publishers Megarom serves means it’s incredibly unlikely you don’t have a game that’s passed through their hands. Responsible for 2K Games, Activision-Blizzard, Ubisoft, Rockstar, Namco and more, Megarom’s got your gaming needs covered.

    Facebook – 12865 Fans. Twitter – 798 Followers.


  • Nintendo South Africa


    Nintendo’s either been missing or terribly mismanaged for much of South African gaming history – but that all changed when Core took over, introducing the Wii, DS and most recently the 3DS to South African gamers. If Mario’s involved, you can bet they’re  behind it.

    Facebook – 2919 Fans. Twitter – 285 Followers.


  • Nu Metro Interactive


    They’re not responsible for too much these days – but they’re the reason you got to play Mortal Kombat, Lord of The Rings: War in the North, Arkham City, and the guy’s who’ll be bringing you Gotham City Imposters.

    Facebook – 353 Fans. Twitter (dead) – 3 Followers.


  • Ster Kinekor Entertainment


    The local house of all things PlayStation is not only the source for Sony’s gaming hardware and first party titles; Ster-Kinekor also has a third party portfolio that includes THQ, Konami, Capcom, Bethesda, and more recently, SEGA.

    Facebook – 1633 Fans. Twitter – 126 Followers.


  • Xbox 360 South Africa


    They bring you the Xbox 360 , they brought Kinect — and after years of begging they brought you Xbox Live. They also have some of the best service and support in the country, with some of the country’s cutest PR reps to boot.

  • Facebook – 3821 Fans. Twitter  – 1566 Followers.

    That should be pretty much everyone. There may be one or two smaller distributors, but their presence on social media is negligible. Oh yes, you can “like” us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter too.

    *Information correct at time of writing.

  • Last Updated: February 3, 2012

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