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You’re going to need to be more mobile in Dying Light: The Following

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Zombies ain’t so tough. Well, at least individually. They’re only deadly when they have numbers on their side, much like ticked off One Direction fans or a mob and Mumford & Sons fanatics stuck at a bread festival.

And just like those aforementioned groupies, zombies are easily dispatched with some severe blunt trauma to the head, with the self-defense excuse actually holding up quite well in court. The best zombie game of the year, Dying Light, follows that trend as their undead gangs feature brain-hungry AI that conforms to the usual zombie stereotypes.

Until night hits that is, and the infected who have been seriously klapping the weights bru, make themselves known. Volatiles are absolute nightmares to deal with in Dying Light. And it sounds like they’re going to be even trickier to outwit in Techland’s upcoming expansion to their undead sandbox.

“We adapt all the AI, giving enemies new behaviours to keep pace with you – you’re not only running, but you’re driving,” lead designer Maciej Binkowski said to OXM.

The basic approach is that if you keep moving you’re relatively safe, but the moment you stop you’ll find yourself surrounded. We’ve adapted all the enemy types so they can approach you in this new way – they know about your better mobility so they’re going to push you in a different direction.

As I mentioned already, night-time turns the challenge up to 11 in Dying Light. And with The Following expansion having newer, more open areas to explore, you could find yourself royally buggered when the sun sets and there are no tall building to scamper up and hide in. Good thing cars are a thing in the expansion.

“Yeah, the day and night keeps running. if you get caught at night in the middle of a cornfield with no place to hide that’s going to be really tough for you,” Binkowski said.

You need to keep a car nearby, and you can customise the car with special UV lights on it, so you’re able to turn it into a mobile safe zone. at least as long as you have fuel to keep it running…

The Following drops next year for Dying Light, where it’ll hopefully answer even more questions about the exploitive use of the recently deceased as a power source.

Last Updated: October 19, 2015


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    • PoisonedBelial

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      Zombie’s are becoming the…
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      Bane of my gaming existence.


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