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YouTuber runs into trouble with the law for working at home

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Working from home can have its benefits, like right now I’m topless because it’s about 30 degrees, but for Justin “KOSDFF” Chandler owner of Team Kaliber, working at home can get you evicted.  He’s an American vlogger, YouTuber and Team Owner which leads to the confusing part – where else could he work? The nature of being a vlogger means you’re inviting your audience into your private life (to an extent) and into an environment where you feel safe to express your thoughts on any topic. Chandler, however, now faces eviction for working at home.

The United States is known for some odd rules, and this became evident for Chandler after he and his team moved from New York to Atlanta – and their neighbour was unhappy about the amount of cars and traffic coming out of the house. According to Chandler some words were exchanged and when things heated up the rustled neighbour filed a complaint to the county about Chandler’s home business.

In the video Chandler discusses his experience with the county officer who told him he has to cease his operations with in two weeks or face eviction, a court order and fines. The county went as far as evaluating his YouTube page and determining that he is in fact working from home, which is a violation of his homeowners association regulations. Yes, that’s a thing. This begs the question, what about the millions of other American YouTubers who operate out of their homes? The personal feel of a vlogger is what many viewers enjoy, it’s a small invitation into their lives and now apparently it’s against the law in certain counties. Should YouTubing and Social Media be seen as running a business? In Chandler’s case there is some justification to his violation as he is a team owner and strictly was running a business from home, but the county ruled his YouTube as a violation, so he got off easy.

This might cause a bit of stink in the near future as more YouTubers catch wind of Chandler’s story. H3h3productions and Philip DeFranco are two personalities who often jump to the aid of other vloggers in these circumstances, and I won’t be surprised if they report on this as it could affect their livelihood if attention is brought to the topic at hand.

In the end Chandler had some good news, and it seems while is a present issue, there are ways around it.

It’s still worth considering that this should not be an issue, but we’ll leave that up for United States to decide and hope nobody else faces similar issues.


Last Updated: January 12, 2017

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