You’ve been lied to: SimCity can go offline

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Yesterday’s late afternoon big news was that yes, SimCity would finally be getting a single-player, offline mode a little after the mod support was confirmed . That’s pretty fantastic; the lack of an offline mode is one of the biggest gripes people had with the game after its release. The downside here is that EA very much lied to you.

Patrick Buechner, general manager of Maxis Emeryville, confirmed in a blog post yesterday that Maxis has done the impossible and is now busy with a mode that would eschew the persistent Internet connection – and will be available in the next major update to the game.

The goods news is you’ll be able to pick up and carry on from where you left off, just without having to be online.

“In Update 10, you can still play solo in Regions on your own, or in Multiplayer with people from around the world. What’s new is the Single Player Mode,” Buechner said in a blog post, “which allows you to play the game Offline by yourself. And because your saved games in this mode are stored locally, you can save and load to your heart’s content. Our team will be delivering a follow-up blog that will outline the full details in the near future so stay tuned.”

Earlier last year, Maxis said that offline mode was “just not possible,” even though file editors found a way to run the game in a simulated environment offline.


I really wish developers and publishers would stop sticking persistent online connections in games (yes, I’m looking at you, Diablo III!) under the guise of being for features, when it’s really all just about control and DRM. Diablo III is just fine offline…and in fact, it’s a better game for it.

Last Updated: January 14, 2014

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