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Zynga to make gambling games

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Zynga, the company behind social-casual games like Farmville and CityVille is exceptionally good at one thing: making terribly addictive clones of other people’s games. The science of addiction forms part of the company’s philosophy; which makes their next move quite dangerous; they’ll be making real-money gambling games.

So says Gamasutra, who says the company will be teaming up with online gaming operator bwin.party to produce a Farmville-themed slots simulator, and slowly bring about the downfall of society and hasten the zombie apocalypse.

Zynga chief financial officer David Wehner says that this move, “a first step into real money gaming” represent a “large opportunity for Zynga.” Hell it might be the only thing that saves the company, that’s currently valued at close to nothing.

You know who hasn’t taken to this news – coupled with news of huge layoffs within the company? Those hacky folks from the loosely-strung, decentralised internet hacktivist “group” Anonymous who pledged to attack the company in a now-removed Youtube video.

Zynga’s previously made online slot machines – but they haven’t let people waste their real money on them. Knowing Zynga’s penchant for “social connectivity,” you’ll probably be able to hit your Facebook friends up for cash loans when you’ve hit rock bottom.

Last Updated: October 29, 2012

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