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Friday Debate: What’s SA’s best/worst food franchise?

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In my circle of friends, there’s a bunch of people who worship at the Wimpy altar. They delight in the company’s burgers, which to me taste like a mixture of rubber, sawdust and vinegar. With cheese. I sort of get it. Wimpy has such a strong local heritage that it’s viewed as a uniquely South African chain. It’s not of course, having started in the US in the 30s, before moving to the UK and finally getting its first local store in the 60s.

I digress though. I’m not a fan of Wimpy – but to be fair I’m not much of a fan of any of our local franchises. Spur? Steers? No thanks. I might hit Rocomammas for a burger though. Debonairs sells a terrible excuse for Pizza, as does Romans. Mimmo’s is ok! Nando’s is terribly overrated. Actually, I’m a bit at a loss to think of a local food franchise that really sets my tastebuds alight. Perhaps I’m just a snob.

You tell us! What’s South Africa’s best/worst local food joint? Where do you go when you want a quick, easy nibble. Where do you avoid?

Last Updated: October 20, 2017

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