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How To Stay Safe When Traveling Alone

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Traveling alone can be a great experience that allows you to explore new places freely and on your own terms.

However, feeling a bit apprehensive about potential safety concerns is typical for those who have never traveled solo.

Whether you’re planning to visit the bustling streets of Rome or backpack across Southeast Asia, feeling secure during your travels is essential; no one wants their vacation memories marred by an incident they could have prevented.

Below we’ve compiled some tips on staying safe while traveling solo so that all aspects of your journey are enjoyable and carefree.

1. Address Your Safety Concerns

One essential tip to staying safe while traveling alone is to think through what could happen and plan accordingly. 

Consider local crime statistics and active shooter safety for the areas where you’re going, the availability of public transportation, and even if people speak your language. To find out more about active shooter safety, click here.

Once you’ve mapped out all your concerns, you can create a plan to ensure your travels go as smoothly as possible.

When done correctly, making a list of safety concerns before leaving can be just the thing you need to prevent mishaps from occurring during your journey.

2. Stay Aware Of Your Surroundings

Traveling exposes you to risk because you don’t have anyone with you. Therefore, paying close attention to your surroundings is essential, especially if you feel uneasy or something doesn’t seem right.

Staying aware also helps in an emergency, as knowing your environment puts you in a better position to react or respond quickly.

If you’re venturing off alone, staying alert to changes in your environment is critical to keeping safe while on the go, says Aarp.

3. Carry Emergency Contact Information

One of the best things you can do is always carry emergency contact information.

Not only should you have the phone numbers of people you trust and can reach out to if necessary, but breaking down and saving the address(es) of where you will be staying during your travels is essential.

It can also be helpful to store family or friends’ contact information on your phone or other mobile device or in a waterproof sleeve to keep it dry—just in case.

Additionally, there are apps with which one can share current travel locations with their contacts continuously. This way, if something were to happen, help would easily locate you immediately, even without your exact address.

4. Dress Appropriately For The Climate And Culture

One final tip to remember is to dress appropriately—not just for the climate, such as choosing breathable materials when it’s hot and layers when it’s cold, but also for the local culture, says NBCNews.

In some areas, modest clothing may be expected, especially in religious or high-cultural sites; wearing something that fits this expectation can help you blend in more easily and avoid drawing attention from those who may take advantage of a lone traveler.

Dressing appropriately can also make you feel more comfortable by blending in rather than standing out.

Whether you’re visiting the Alps or a hot desert, ensuring your outfit matches the environment shows respect for the locals and their customs. It also keeps you safe for the duration of your travels.

Tips On Safe Traveling: In Closing

Following the tips in this article can help ensure that your next solo trip is both enjoyable and safe.

Do your research before you go, take steps to protect yourself and your belongings while on the road, and trust your gut if something doesn’t feel right.

Staying aware of your surroundings and being prepared for anything will help you make the most of your solo adventure.

Thanks for reading, and safe traveling!

Last Updated: December 28, 2022

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