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Looking For Your Next Travel Destination? Why You Should Visit Brussels

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Brussels is the tiny rainy European nation. The top tourist destinations in Europe do not include Belgium. Most visitors arrive in Brussels for a day trip to run around the charming Grand Place market square, take selfies next to the Mannequin Pis, and quickly purchase locally produced beer and chocolate from the stores in the city center. And only those who have spent some time in Brussels can appreciate its attractions and unique aspects of Belgian culture.

Here are some facts about life in Brussels and Brussels itself, which are unusual and very interesting. They will be useful for those who, after reading our list, want to go on a trip to this exciting and unusual city. At the planning stage of your trip to Brussels, think through every step. The first and most important thing will be the question of getting from Charleroi airport to the Brussels city center, where you will already start your journey. 

From Charleroi airport, you can get to Brussels by bus, by train, or by airport taxi. Of course, it is no secret that the bus, in this case, will be the cheapest way. But what about convenience? Book AtoB airport transfer before your trip on the website: https://atobtransfer.com/ and you’ll know you won’t have to ask locals for directions or search for navigation answers on a search engine. 

AtoB Charleroi airport taxi will pick you up right after your arrival and take you anywhere in Brussels. And airport transfer service will also be equally important on the way back when you can’t be late. AtoB taxi to Charleroi airport will deliver you and your luggage on time, so you have only the best emotions of the trip.

Confusion of double names

French, Dutch, and German are the three official languages of Belgium. Although not all signage in Brussels’ capital zone have street names inscribed in both French and Dutch, the area is legally multilingual. A foreigner visiting Brussels runs the danger of getting into problems since the street names can sound radically different in various languages.

For example, if you are looking for the street de la Loi, then with the help of a navigator or airport taxi you can easily cope with it. However, once you are near a building with a Wetstraat sign, you may have doubts about whether you are in the right place. But in fact, it will be the same street which literally translates as Lower Street.

Alley with a secret

Another thing that travelers frequently learn is that famous individuals from many walks of life have lived and worked in Brussels. Poets Paul Verlaine and Charles Baudelaire, artist Auguste Rodin, and authors Victor Hugo and Alexandre Dumas are among them.

However, there is one inconspicuous lane that lies off the tourist routes. If you turn from the street Louise, one of the most fashionable in the central district of the Belgian capital Ixelles (more details), you can suddenly come across a house with a memorial plaque. It says that the famous British actress, Hollywood star, and style icon Audrey Hepburn was born in this house. Surprisingly, there is almost never a noisy crowd near this house.

Deep immersion

Any tourist guide will mention a variety of architectural sights, magnificent monuments, sculptures, and stunning museums that Brussels is famous for. But there is a place not very typical for the Belgian capital. It is here in Brussels that the Nemo 33 diving training center is located, which until 2014 was the deepest in the world (see TripAdvisor).

On “Nemo 33,” there are a number of artificial underwater caves that are 10 meters deep, two stunning platforms that are five and ten meters deep, and a circular hole that is 34.5 meters deep. The well’s sides have underwater windows where guests may observe divers at various depths. The training facility was created by a professional diver from Belgium John Birnaerts.

Сrane instead of a freight elevator

Everyone’s image of moving to a new apartment includes the movement of furniture, which is frequently prohibited in elevators, even for freight, and necessitates additional fees from movers to haul your prized possessions up the steps. Things are lowered into the flat in Brussels using specialized cranes through windows or balconies. Many homes lack elevators or have elevators that are so tiny that two people can hardly fit inside. Therefore, you are powerless.

You can request a customized car with a crane and loaders by contacting the district mayor’s office. The cops block the walkway where the furniture will be raised to your window while you wait for the crane. The neighbors put up with the carriage’s loud, piercing with your belongings. They were once new settlers too, after all.

That’s why you should think about the number of things you are going to take with you on your trip. AtoB Charleroi airport transfer will help you to deliver your suitcases to your accommodation, but what to do next?

Last Updated: November 28, 2022

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