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Preparing Your Apartment For Holiday Travel

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The winter holidays are a busy time of year for travel. If you plan to get away for Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, or any other celebration, you have things to prepare. Beyond packing and sorting presents, you also want to ensure your apartment will be safe and all your belongings intact when you return.

While many worry about home security for houses they own, protecting your apartment or other rental is just as critical. You don’t want things to get stolen or an unexpected issue to damage your belongings. 

So, by taking some preventive steps, you can err on the side of caution and keep your apartment safe while on holiday vacation, says USAToday. Let’s get started.

Take Out The Trash

In the rush of leaving for a holiday vacation, you may forget to take out the trash. Unfortunately, garbage left for more than a couple of days can really start to stink. So, you want to make sure and remove any food waste or wrappers before heading out. 

Your neighbors and your Houston property management company (like greenresidential.com) will thank you, too! 

Set The Thermostat 

In winter, it’s particularly important to set the thermostat while you’re gone. You don’t need to keep your apartment as warm as usual, but you need the heat high enough to prevent things like freezing pipes.

Generally, you’ll want to keep the temperature above 65 degrees the entire time you’re away. While this might not be a comfortable temperature for most people, it’s warm enough to prevent problems. 

Turn Off Most Of The Lights 

As you do a final check before leaving, ensure you turn off most of the lights around the apartment, says HGTV. You don’t want to waste electricity, although it’s not the end of the world if you forget to turn one bulb off.

However, you may consider leaving a porch or balcony light on if you have one. Some people also keep a small light in the kitchen or bedroom to deter theft. This way, your place won’t look as obviously vacant. 

Unplug Most Things

Along with turning off most of the lights, you’ll also want to unplug many things around your space. You can save on utilities and prevent fires, although these accidents are much rarer than they used to be. 

Still, it’s wise to unplug most kitchen appliances, such as toasters, air fryers, and microwaves. 

You should also unplug holiday string lights, entertainment center power sources, and charging stations.

Just be careful not to unplug anything that needs to remain on, such as your fridge. 

Have Someone Check On Things

If you’re leaving for more than a couple of days, it doesn’t hurt to have a trusted loved one check on your place. It’s smart to give someone you know a key, so if you need someone to stop by while you’re gone, they’ll have no trouble getting in.

The longer you’ll be out of town, the more critical it is to have a family member or friend stop by. They don’t have to stay long, but they can get your mail and ensure there aren’t any issues.

Of course, if you are leaving pets behind, be sure that you arrange for a pet sitter well ahead of time! 

Consider Security Cameras

Finally, you can protect your apartment and give yourself peace of mind by investing in security cameras. There are many affordable systems available these days that live stream right to your phone.

So, you can set up a security camera on your front door, porch, or even inside your house to keep an eye on pets. With these devices, you can get real-time footage of what your apartment looks like while you’re gone. 

Most of these cameras will also notify you if there is any movement or sound, so you can act quickly if an emergency arises. 

As you follow and implement these tips, your apartment and all your belongings will be 

protected while you’re enjoying some time away. 

Last Updated: December 11, 2023

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