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Sneak Energy Drink Reviewed

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An energy drink that can boost your focus and increase productivity, without giving you a sugar crash sounds ideal doesn’t it? This is what Sneak says it can do, and we thought we’d give it a try.

What Is Sneak?

It’s more than an energy drink; it’s also a lifestyle brand, focusing on the trendy creative types, gamers, and programmers. Sneak is made for the people who are career focused. or simply focused on creating art or beating that next level and who don’t want to feel drained afterwards. 

Sneak is advertised as a clean energy drink, and it comes in sachets and tubs in powdered form. It simply needs to be mixed in water – about 300-400 ml, or whatever suits you. Sneak is supposed to give you lots of energy very quickly, and not lead to an energy crash where you feel tired and deflated.

You can buy a set of various flavors in the starter pack, or purchase a combo pack that contains a tub and a sachet bundle for flavor experimentation. All of the flavors have cool names like Tropikilla, Electric Mango, and Cherry Bomb, just to name a few. 

Does It Work?

So, we’ve given you the lowdown, so now let’s get into the results. Sneak has a lot of positive reviews across the web, which is promising. What we found out is that this is a very pure energy drink, so it does not contain a long list of manmade chemicals that you would normally find in your average energy drink. Sneak is made with some caffeine, some flavoring and coloring (all natural), and a bunch of vitamins. It’s the combination of vitamins and caffeine that will give you the energy boost, and there is not so much caffeine in a single serving of Sneak that you would start feeling jittery, or have an energy crash later on, says Bustle.

The focus on vitamins is key to the success of Sneak. These give you a natural source of energy that your body can easily metabolize, as opposed to sugar, which gives you a false energy high that’s very temporary (source).

Consumer testimonials for Sneak talk extensively about how focused and productive it makes them. That’s the good news for anyone who’s wondering if Sneak is the real deal. It seems to be a very powerful energy booster for people who want to stay mentally and physically focused. If your mind and body are tired, you’re not going to be creative or in the zone like you should be.

The Verdict

We highly recommend Sneak as a source of quick energy. The variety of flavors, the quality, natural components, and the sugar free formula make it one of the best sources for energy and focus we’ve seen. Check out their official website.

Last Updated: October 28, 2022

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