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The magnificent cosplay of Japan Weekend Madrid 2020

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It’s a new year (technically), and you know what that means: New conventions with which to strut your cosplay! While the road to San Diego Comic Con, Dragon Con and a whole host of other tentpole events on the cosplay calendar is still a good couple of months away, 2020 has no shortage of events catering to fans who are looking to show off their hard work.

Fans who’ve been burning the midnight oil, toiling away until the eleventh hour and have created dream costumes based on their favourite characters. One such event showing off pop culture love? Japan Weekend, which kicked off a weekend of fun in Madrid as fans hit the runway decked out in the latest fashion from their favourite comic books, movies and anime shows. It may be a celebration of Japan, but the cosplay on offer encompassed pretty much any fandom that you could throw a Plus Ultra rallying cry at.

The 86th Floor was once again present for the show, so sit back and grab some motivation with their latest video!

For more kickass cosplay, go give The 86th Floor some well-deserved high fives and love right here.

Last Updated: February 25, 2020

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