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The unappreciated art of fighting game backgrounds

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It’s a damn good time to like fighting games. Technically speaking, they’re evolving into the purest form of that genre, offering experiences that are tailored towards advancing hitting someone really hard. And it doesn’t hurt that they look good as well. The genre has come a long way, but without the humble background, it wouldn’t have nearly advanced this far in gaming life.

Over on Reddit, RudeBootie put together a stunning collection of backgrounds, with animation to boot. Culled from years of fighting games, this 125 image collection will pound-cake ya right in the nostalgia organs.

What’s your favourite? I’m still a sucker for E Honda’s bathhouse stage from Street Fighter 2, but there are just so many of damn good backgrounds on offer here. And honestly, I’d like to frame some of these underappreciated masterpieces.


Or put ‘em in a museum at least, for future generations.

Last Updated: May 6, 2013

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