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Top 5 Luxury Handbag Trends For Celebrities in 2022

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Fashion trends are always changing. Sometimes they change in little, subtle ways, other times we go from skinny jeans to massive bootcut jeans in no time! However, when it comes to bags, things aren’t quite the same. Bag trends tend to stay the same for years, if not an entire decade at a time. That means that even if you think the luxury bag you splurged on last year is still the top trend, you might want to tread lightly because something else could’ve taken it over entirely!

Not to panic though, we’re here to offer the easiest solution for that problem. In this post, we’re going to be doing a complete rundown of the top 5 luxury handbag trends you need to keep in mind in 2022!

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Top 5 Luxury Handbags To Watch Out For in 2022

Here are the top 5 luxury handbags you need to get in 2022!

It’s Gucci

Remember those mini shoulder bags from the 90s (see here), that you thought would never see the light of day again, and the prints and sequins, everything has returned!

A great thing about this luxury handbag trend is that you can just whip out the old handbags from your childhood, or your mom’s and they’ll still work perfectly fine. That’s because this trend isn’t just for newly made bags, but for old ones too. So, you could find a pre-loved one that falls right in your budget! Platforms like Sehabags are extremely helpful for you to find your perfect bag! Either way, as long as the bags in good condition, no one will be able to know if you just got it off the market or got it as a family heirloom!

Classic Statements

If there’s one luxury handbag trend that you can always rely on, it’s a classic statement bag. 2022 is no different! Classic statement bags that have minimal logos and lots of textures are back with a bang!

So expect to see a lot of the Chanel Classic Flap bags, in every colour and material you can think of the Louis Vuitton neverfulls and the classic that trumps all others, the Gucci Marmont bag. One of the reasons why these are returning is because they just make sense! You can wear a classic statement bag with any type of outfit to elevate the look. So, if you’re going for just one bag in 2022, go for this one!


For the past couple of years, the “basic” bags that brands used to come out with, the ones with the classic monograms splattered over like Louis Vuitton all over, were kind of “out of style”. That’s because they were a little too all over the place to go with the crazy outfits that were in style.

But now that the world has moved over to more plain basic clothing and matching separates, the “basics” actually work really well with the outfits! So, while you can still play it safe with a classic bag, you can switch things up with a monogrammed bag, and look totally chic all year round!

Supersized Everything

2020 and 2021 were very focused on mini and micro bags. They were super impractical but added this final touch to an outfit that was pretty hard to find in anything else. But the thing about impractical bag trends is that they usually fade as fast as they show up because not everyone can let go of functionality for style.

That’s why whenever a trend like that fade, the logical one replaces it. Just like the supersized bags have done this year! So, all those people having to lug around their things in their hands can finally get back to the life of throwing everything in a bag and calling it a day!

Belt Bags

If there’s one luxury bag trend that’s been inescapable in 2022, it’s the belt bags. Belt bags just took the entire world by storm, and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to go anywhere any time soon!

There are a couple of reasons for that. Firstly, the fact that they are extremely convenient to wear. All of your arms are free, and they surprisingly hold a lot of stuff. So, they’re kind of like a medium-sized handbag without the hassle of trying to keep a medium-sized handbag on your shoulder! But even if the convenience of holding things isn’t what you’re after, just the fact that they look great is enough to get one!

One of the best things about belt bags is that you don’t have to wear them on your belt all fanny pack style. You can even wear them across your chest and have even more freedom to move around. While they might have not been the coolest thing back in the 90s when they first made waves, luxury brands are now coming up with more and more styles and designs of these bags that are so luxe, and you might find yourself buying a little too many of them. This is one of those trends that you absolutely shouldn’t knock until you try it at least once!

It’s Everyone’s Game

The luxury handbag trends we’ve mentioned in the article above are the top 5 that the world is going with this year. However, that doesn’t mean that if you enjoy a good micro bag, you can’t wear it anymore, you can! One of the best things about trends these days is that it’s everyone’s game. As long as you have the confidence to rock a look, go out there, get it and rock it! If you like to stay on-trend, make sure you’ve got all five of these great bags in your bag closet all year long!

Last Updated: June 1, 2022

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