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What Is a Lifestyle Instagram Influencer?

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Successful brands use authentic marketing methods, such as SimplyGram.com Instagram growth service and influencer marketing, to grow their audience on Instagram.

Lifestyle Instagram Influencer
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Influencers add authenticity, trust, and personality to marketing campaigns, making them a popular social media marketing method.

Instagram, which has more than 1.3 billion users (source), is a preferred influencer marketing platform due to its interactive and engaging nature.

Besides, posts that perform exceptionally well on the app are promotional in nature, meaning many Instagram users have no problem engaging with promotional posts.

These reasons have further made Instagram a popular platform for influencers.

Notably, one of the most popular types of influencers on Instagram is the lifestyle influencer. Lifestyle influencers are typical Instagram users who share authentic, relatable, and unbiased content

Today, many brands are opting to partner with lifestyle influencers over other types of influencers. In a recent Forbes survey, 48% of the 200+ surveyed marketers reported that they preferred collaborating with lifestyle influencers when it came to brand partnerships.

So, who are lifestyle influencers, and why should you include them in your Instagram marketing strategy? Let’s find out.

Who Is an Instagram Lifestyle Influencer?

Instagram lifestyle influencers are everyday Instagram users who post quality content that often documents their daily lives. The influencers are popular on Instagram because their followers can easily relate to their content

Also, Instagram lifestyle influencers’ posts are real, authentic, and unbiased.

Although some lifestyle influencers have a clearly defined niche, others post different types of content.

Benefits of Working with a Lifestyle Influencer

There are many reasons brands prefer to work with lifestyle influencers over other types of influencers. We look at some of these reasons below.

1.      Relatability

Lifestyle influencers, unlike celebrity influencers, are your ordinary Instagram users. The kind of content they post is something that ordinary people can relate to.

For instance, Jessica Shyba, whose Instagram handle is @mommasgonecity, is a regular mom who posts her family’s everyday life.

Examples of topics this mom talks about on her account include naptime routine with the kids, a visit to Disney, soccer practice, and a typical day for mom and kids. Most moms can relate to this kind of stuff, which is why the influencer has successfully built a large community of moms who trust and love her content.

2.      Versatility

Lifestyle influencers are a good fit for many brands. They’re flexible, which is why they can work with just about any brand.

Even if some influencers lean more on one niche, they’re versatile enough to promote various products related to this niche.

For instance, using the example of Jessica Shyba’s account above, she can promote different products related to her niche. For example, she can partner with brands that sell kids’ toys, pet products, headphones, beddings, and craft activities, just to name but a few.

There are various ways of cooperation between brands and Instagram influencers. Promotional gifts also play a very important role in social media marketing, and post promotions, host contests or stream live, and more. Usually, in order to deepen the impression of the fans behind the influencer on the brand, the brand produces some promotional products with brand name logo and other information as gifts for the fans of the influencer. Influencers and brands benefit from this win-win cooperation. Among them, custom lapel pins, custom stickers or key chains are the most popular gift choices. Because they are not only low cost, but also suitable for various brands and occasions, you can Go Website like gs-jj.com.

3.      Know Their Followers

Lifestyle influencers know their audience well. They know their likes, dislikes, and what makes them tick.

Moreover, since lifestyle influencers’ content largely documents their daily lives, there is no pretending, making their posts very authentic.

4.      High-Quality Content

As mentioned earlier, lifestyle influencers post beautiful photos and have impeccable taste. This is one of the reasons why they have such a large following.

Partnering with such a person will see your brand benefit, as they’ll not only post excellent pictures of your products, but they’ll also give their audience good reasons why your products come highly recommended.

Besides, lifestyle influencers give you value for money since they give you quality work at a cheaper cost, unlike celebrity influencers.

In closing, brands can improve their bottom line by collaborating with lifestyle influencers. Such influencers have a large following due to posting relatable, authentic, versatile, and high-quality content.

Last Updated: January 16, 2023

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