Nintendo Selects–Ultimate Family Fun is Now More Affordable Than Ever

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16 May 2011: With winter fast approaching, and more people spending time indoors, there’s never been a better time to gather friends and family, and experience the fun of Nintendo Wii.,

Nintendo has announced that on 20th May 2011 it will be reducing the trade price* of its existing Wii bundles, which include a white, black or red Wii console, bundled with varying software titles. With so many colours, and so many titles, to choose from, there’s something for everyone!

Nintendo have also announced the launch of Nintendo Select. A range of software titles that are light on the wallet and heavy on fun. The Nintendo Selects range, launching on 20th May 2011, is a value for money* selection of popular Wii game titles for the entire family.

The games in the Nintendo Selects range offer social gaming fun for the whole family. Titles included are the all time favourites such as Wii Sportsâ„¢, and the action packed Mario Strikersâ„¢ Charged Football

Wii Sports introduces a new entertainment experience. Offering five distinct sports experiences, tennis, bowling, golf, boxing and baseball – each using the Wii Remote in a different way to provide a natural, intuitive and realistic feel. Warm up and throw yourself into the action with the hit sports game that will have you on your feet and having fun faster than you can swing a tennis racquet.

Mario takes to the soccer pitch in Mario Strikers Charged Football, bringing his own unique ‘fighting football’ style to Wii. In this follow-up to Mario Smash Football, you use the skills provided by the Wii Remote and Nunchuk Controller to win the ball, score unstoppable goals and take control of the goalkeeper to perform spectacular saves.

For hours of great value entertainment for the whole family, look out for Nintendo Selects when it launches across South Africa in early June 2011.

Last Updated: May 16, 2011

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