Ster Kinekor acquires South African SEGA distribution

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South Africa, 16th January 2012, Johannesburg: ­- Ster Kinekor Entertainment, local gaming distributor announce that from February 2012, they will be distributing Sega Corporation Europe titles including the Sonic properties in South Africa

Ster Kinekor Entertainment, who already distribute for leading international publishers including Sony Computer Entertainment Enterprises, THQ, Bethesda, Capcom, Konami, D3Publisher and Nordic Games acquired the license in December 2011 and will launch the first Sega title, Binary Domain in February this year.

Mario dos Santos, Chief Executive Officer for Ster Kinekor Entertainment (SKE) said of the announcement, “We are proud and excited to partner with Sega Corporation Europe to bring their much loved Franchises to the South African market. Managing to partner with Sega who have established Sonic as part of the gaming software legacy since video gaming inception is a great opportunity for us and we look forward to growing the franchises together. ”

Last Updated: January 16, 2012

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