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1 Minute Madness – Race Pro – Xbox 360

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SimBin are very well known for their ability to create amazing racing sims and come from a background of creating mods for already existing games.

Race Pro is SimBin’s first go at a console title and sets out to bring forth a precise simulator to your living room the likes which have never been seen. I used to be a huge fan of racing simulators a couple of years back but fell off the bandwagon, so if there is anyone who this game should appeal to, it’s me.

So how does it stack up?

1 Minute Madness reviews have been created with the sole purpose of laying down the facts, so let’s cut to the chase.

While the driving mechanics and feel of the cars in Race Pro are quite realistic, the truth is that most console gamers will not enjoy the level of realism attempted by SimBin, leaving only the most hardcore sim fans appeased.

It seems however that in the quest to create a realistic simulator, the developers forgot to actually wrap a game around it. The career mode is straight forward and boring and the menu’s are uninteresting.

The visuals are incredibly outdated (especially the environments) and while there is some sort of damage model to the game, it really doesn’t keep up with other titles out there and the collision detection with other cars is a bit on the rough side. I was most disappointed with the AI drivers, as it doesn’t seem as if they are even aware that you are on the track.

The sounds of the engines aren’t bad, but slamming into a wall at 150mph sounds like someone just stepped on a sweet packet and there is often little to no sound when grinding against other cars, leaving you oblivious to their position until you find yourself spinning out into the aforementioned sweet packet once again.

In-game menu’s lack any sort of flair and are all text based, and there isn’t even any music to keep things interesting.

I was bitterly disappointed with Race Pro, because I was really looking forward to getting stuck into a good driving simulator again but found myself bored by the racing mechanics and the career mode. Maybe next time SimBin will add a little more game to their game and create a game that is technically sound in all areas and not just the driving mechanics.

Hardcore sim fans may find some joy in it, but I recommend that all casual gamers stay away.

Score: 6.5

Last Updated: March 26, 2009

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