Our esteemed Lord High Deathstar Commander Kervyn already reviewed The Shallows when it surfaced in South African cinemas at the end of August. In short, he called the movie deeply thrilling… at least until the end, when silliness takes over.


That’s my assessment as well. The Shallows is one of those movies you just need to go with. Like riding a wave. Don’t think, because there’s a lot “broken” in this tale of surfer babe Nancy (Blake Lively) trying to fend off a great white shark in Mexican waters. However, if you turn off your brain and just feel, chance are you will enjoy yourself. The Shallows is slick, engrossing survival action.

By default then, The Shallows will make a pretty decent stocking filler this Christmas. The DVD is out this month from Ster Kinekor, releasing around 23 December. Just in time for the holidays.

To sweeten the deal, the disc includes over 30 minutes of extra content. This includes Deleted Scenes, Shooting in the Shallows, How to Build a Shark, Finding the Perfect Beach and When Sharks Attack. Most of these are short little Making of featurettes. This said, they do provide interesting insight into the challenges of filming in water (whether the open sea or green-screen tanks). You also learn more about the shark-related visual effects, which are so convincing in the movie that it’s easy to take them for granted.

The Deleted Scenes, sadly, are duds. However, the highlight of the special features centres on the other beautiful star of The Shallows – Lord Howe Island, where the movie was shot. This segment offers some vicarious travel to a tropical paradise, as well as a glimpse into the delicate location management process.

The Shallows had only a limited theatrical run in South Africa. Hopefully now more people will get to experience it as it hits the home entertainment channels.

Last Updated: January 4, 2017

The Shallows
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