A Brit living in Oz talks about how we should use our constitutional (USA one) right to defend videogames… welcome Yahtzee

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The ESA (Entertainment Software Alliance) have struck upon a fantastic idea. They have hired an expat Englishman who is living in Australia to do a video spot to get lazy American gamers to sign up as videogame voters and help change the mainstream views of video gaming using the power of their vote.

And it’s at times like these that I remember why I absolutely love the Internet. As bizarre as this has played out it’s actually a good idea as Yahtzee is very popular in the land of the free and using humour to garner support for a good cause is always a good idea.

So while it doesn’t really apply to you (unless you are American) the video above is Yahtzee’s typical humour and well worth watching…

Or you can watch last weeks Zero Punctuation episode reviewing Metroid Other M which I forgot to post.

Last Updated: September 28, 2010

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