Released on a limited run in SA and coming to DVD soon enough, is this underdog crime caper worth watching?

  • What is it?

Two criminals hatch a plot to kidnap a corrupt businessman’s wife to get to his ill-gotten gains. But there is this thing about plans going awry…


  • I would like this if I like…

Ironic crime capers with a dry taste and Seventies decor, laid back characters, Jennifer Aniston or if you ever wondered about Tim Robbins lately.


  • Is it good?

Yes, though not fantastic. It’s not a masterpiece, but isn’t straight-to-DVD stuff either. Instead Life of Crime walks the line of a good movie that isn’t interested in pushing its genre. That’s more that can be said for Inherent Vice, which tried to ooze atmosphere while becoming increasingly incoherent until it just wasn’t entertaining any more. Life of Crime keeps things much simpler, but that also makes it much better. The cast is really descent as well, pulling from a talent pool that deserves better roles. Okay, not all the talent here are underrated. Jennifer Aniston does a nice job in one of her many turns at a dramatic role and seeing Tim Robbins play the corrupt husband is fun.


  • Should I watch it?

Why not? It’s a nice break from the other stuff currently on circuit, though Life of Crime is just as good for a DVD night. Tarantino fans may also want to check this out: Life of Crime is based on the novel The Switch. Its sequel, Rum Punch, was the basis for Jackie Brown. The two criminals in this movie are the same characters portrayed by Samuel L. Jackson and Robert de Niro.

Last Updated: July 28, 2015


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