Murder, Revenge and lots of grimacing. Yup, The Salvation is a Western, alright.


  • What is it?

A family is ambushed on a stage coast and a man’s wife and child are brutally murdered. He manages to kill the people responsible, but that only opens a bigger can of worms with one of their brothers, a local psychotic strongman.


  • I would like it if I like…

Westerns. The Salvation is all Western, down to the somewhat familiar plot. It falls into the camp of Spaghetti Westerns, so more gritty and grim than romanticised, but with nice costumes. I could never quite figure out what the bad guy’s coat was made of or how he kept it that clean…


  • Is it good?

It’s okay. The movie is beautifully shot and you can’t really complain about the acting. Mads Mikkelsen projects the strong, silent type, Jeffrey Dean Morgan is on full bad-guy mode and Eva Green shows her knack for oozing character without even uttering a word. The story is a bit too obvious – it does nothing a million Westerns haven’t done before. Some critics have noted its violence and European sense, but it isn’t that violent and Westerns have been Euro-centric since Sergio Leone’s films.


  • Should I watch it?

If you want a Western, then yes. The Salvation is a solid genre piece. It is beautiful and moody, as a Western should be. The film’s real problem is that there isn’t much character development and the plot is fairly predictable. But this genre is very saturated and finding new ground is hard. Not everything can be True Grit (and even that was a remake).

Last Updated: August 28, 2015


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