BioShock – Local Release Tomorrow

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So tomorrow we see the local and long awaited release of BioShock, that is if you couldn’t stand the wait and imported it for yourself.

But for those people who could wait, or just have to wait until payday, like me, its release is tomorrow.

I must say this game has got me all “giddy” inside, I was privileged enough over the weekend to play the game at a friend of mine’s house, and I must say even though I played the PC version the game is extremely enjoyable, especially if you like the occasional thriller/shooter.

I must make a note to commend the developers on the well thought out story, though at times it seems a bit lackluster. The AI is another thing all together, whilst being on par with most shooters of our era, I at least thought they could have made the NPC’s react more to their surroundings, for instance the “Splicers” (The general bad guy) will run up to you screaming instead of trying to take you out whilst protecting themselves. The graphics don’t make you want to jump into the screen, but they are great nonetheless.

The plot is somewhat based on the novel by George Orwell called “1984”. The plot of the game involves the world of Rapture, built in the 1950’s by a man called Andrew Ryan. The story starts with you flying over the Atlantic in the year 1960, the plane crashes and you are the only (un)lucky survivor. You soon discover the world of Rapture, with its mutated beings called “Splicers”, the Little Sisters, the Big Daddy’s and the security mechanisms. The game has an economy, revolving around two substances, Dollars and “Adam”,”the latter is harvested by the “Little Sisters” from corpses. These “Little Sisters” are protected by the meanest deep-sea diving instructors I have ever seen, the “Big Daddy’s”, these “beings” are pretty tough. They come in different forms and to get “Adam” you need to get to harvest or rescue a “Little Sister”, and guess what? Lets just say you have to go through the “Big Daddy’s”. The world here revolves around “Adam”, its the lifeblood. The Splicers even look for it, yes they attack the Big Daddy’s too!

The other key aspect of the game is that it uses a thing called “Plasmids”, plasmids are genetic modifications to your DNA, they allow you to call forth powers so to speak, such as fire, electricity, telekinesis, ice and even pheromones. The last one being a plasmid that when a being is marked with it, depending on which pheromone you have equipped it will have a desired effect. One such plasmid is the “Big Daddy” plasmid, which when thrown at a Big Daddy will cause the Big Daddy to protect you as if you were a Little Sister.

The atmosphere in the game, now that is another thing, it is so engrossing that you feel as if you are apart of the world playing through the eyes of the lead character.

Though my time spent playing the game was limited, I hardly think it deserves the 10/10 rating a lot of reviewers have been giving it, instead I will rather settle on a 9/10, don’t get me wrong it is a brilliant game, but it just lacks the bit of extra magic to go the last mile.

Last Updated: September 13, 2007

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