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Bully: Scholarship Edition – Part Review – Xbox 360

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image This is being titles as a Part Review as I am not far enough in this game to give it a fair review but I thought I would just have to tell you about it.

Bully was released on the PlayStation 2 in 2006 and was mainly remembered for the possibility of a homosexual kiss in the game, which in hindsight was a dumb thing for Rockstar to have included as it over shadowed the brilliance of this game.

It has been upgraded now to the Xbox 360 and Wii consoles and has a whole whack of new content added.

So this arrived on my desk late last week and I wasn’t overly concerned about it, I expected yet another shock game that had a very thin plot and dodgy gameplay.


How wrong I was. If you are into sandbox games (GTA, Crackdown) then this is an absolute must have title for your collection, if you are not then this is the one to get you ready for GTA IV.

The story starts with you being dropped at Bullworth Academy after being expelled from a multi-tude of schools, this is the last stop for school drop outs before you become a nothing in society.

Now you have to fight to survive and get through school in one piece. You have to attend classes which are simply little minigames that get progressively harder as you go along, when you pass a class you get a new ability such as the ability to make fire crackers or talk to girls better.

The second part of the gameplay is that you need to complete missions which are scattered throughout the huge world, one of my missions was to get a catapult and climb a tree near the jocks field and to take them all out. Another mission is to escort the school nerd to his locker while defending off attacks from other gangs.

The third major gameplay option is running errands for people, you will students moving around with a blue cross above their heads who will ask you to help them out in return for respect and money.

The graphics in this game are not photo realistic in any sense but they are not terrible either, they suit the idea and the gameplay perfectly. There are some heavily publicised glitches where class mates get stuck in a corner or against a wall but to be honest it didn’t phase me or make me dislike the game in any way.

That’s it for this part-review, I am half way through episode 2 and have completed 8% of this game, I don’t know when I am going to get the time to finish it but I am going to do my best as this game deserves to be completed.

To put it in perspective I actually contacted Megarom, the distributors, to enquire why we haven’t seen more advertising for this game as it really is that good and everyone should own it. Unfortunately it is down to pure economics with there being a limited budget and some title called GTA IV around the corner.

It’s a pity that this wasn’t released further away from GTA IV as it deserves to be a smash hit all of it’s own.

To sum it up,

go buy this game now

Huge thanks to Megarom for introducing me to this game.

Last Updated: March 28, 2008

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