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Burnout Paradise: Xbox 360 vs PlayStation 3

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Burnout 360 vs PS3

So there was a lot of noise made about how the PS3 version of Burnout Paradise city was going to be the better version all round.

Well Videogamr.com has put together a comprehensive review of both versions side by side and come up with their own conclusion.

They have broken the review down into 4 parts and each platform wins in different sections

What will really please the PS3 fans is that in the visual section the PS3 is rated as the better platform, but only marginally and in general you would never notice the difference.

However the lack of rumble as standard hurts the PS3’s chance of winning over all and the end result is.

OK. Because we have to make a choice over which version is best (that is the point of the feature after all) we’re declaring the Xbox 360 version the winner. While the PS3 game edges things by a fraction in the visuals department, the Xbox 360 game marginally wins out in a few other areas, tipping the scales its way every so slightly.

In other words they are pretty much identical and Criterion has done an amazing job and pleasing both sets of fans.

If you have played burnout before you will know how entertaining the game is, if you haven’t then go out and pick up a copy…. it’s well worth it.

Burnout Paradise: Xbox 360 Vs PlayStation 3 – VideoGamer.com

Last Updated: January 22, 2008

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