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Call of Duty 4 – Reviewed

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[Warning Long Post Ahead]

Unless you have been living under a proverbial rock for the last few weeks you already know pretty much everything about Call of Duty 4 – Modern Warfare. However for our rock dwelling friends here is a quick rundown.

You are both a gun toting, ass kicking, face smashing American marine with the typical crass humour that is to be expected from being forced into an American body. Or a gun toting, ass kicking, face smashing British SAS soldier with the more refined and some would say intellectual humour that would be expected from being forced into an English body… Either way you are continuously thrown into battles across the Middle East in a desperate attempt to save the world from utter annihilation.

The bad guys are really bad; there are two main bad guys. A Middle Eastern terrorist who wants to return his country to its former glory or a Russian nationalist who wants to return his country to its former glory… umm yeah so it’s not the most original plot but really does that matter?

On to the review

Okay now so our rock dwellers have caught up, the first thing I noticed about this game is that it is truly beautiful. The stages are amazingly rendered, the characters are as lifelike as can be expected and the guns look perfect. The water effects are Bioshock like and the ambience of the settings is truly immersive.

You start off by storming a cargo ship to retrieve the obligatory nuclear information; it’s very much an introductory level which does its best to show off the graphics, team work, squad based tactics and enemy AI. It succeeds on every level as well, from the moment you rappel down to the ship’s deck you will be hard pressed to move again for the entire 6 hours that the game takes to complete. (Yes it is that short) Except of course to get the required beers and vice of choice.

I however was not allowed to complete the relatively short single player campaign due to being bombarded by multi-player invitations. I decided to give the MP a quick run about before coming back to the single player. It is now 72 hours later, my eyes are bleeding and my leg is twitching for some bizarre reason.. anyway…  The multi-player section of this game is nothing but truly and utterly magnificent.

Truly and Utterly Magnificent 

You start at level 1 and every time you kill someone (or assist in killing) you get points (10 for a kill, 2 for an assist), when you get to a certain amount of points your rank goes up and new weapons and perks become available. My lack of sleep and blurry vision can be blamed completely on this ranking system. It is truly addictive and is perfectly implemented.

Another added subtlety is the ability to create custom classes where you decide which two weapons you want to start the game with and which perks, perks are little added extras like more stamina, stronger bullets, dropping a grenade when you get killed and so forth. Deciding which 2 to use is one of the more difficult decisions.

Okay I have just realised there is way too much about this game to talk about, so to sum it up….

Sum it all up now….

If you already have this game well done I am sure you are not regretting it, if you don’t yet have it then stop being an idiot and go and buy it. Finish the single player and then kiss your life goodbye for the next few months

So to the scores… I am a very stingy scorer and as this is my first official Lazygamer review this is the perfect benchmark to move forwards with…

Single Player = 8/10 – It would get a 9 but it was too short and predictable, beautiful game though

Multi-player = 9/10 – Almost perfect in every way… When I think of a negative I will post it.

[Please let me know what you thought about this review, how can it be better?]

Last Updated: November 19, 2007

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